We appreciate that the way something looks transforms how it feels to engage with it. So we don’t stop at insights and ideas, we also sweat the executional details and craft all aspects of the output. Each time, the journey is rich and varied but the end point is always the same – beautiful work, that works


MMC helps marketing professionals contribute to their organization’s
financial performance with leading-edge market strategies and operational
excellence. Whether discussing markets, market segments,
or micro segments, all involve dividing a broad target market into
consistent subsets of consumers with common needs, identifying their
potential, and determining the right way to approach them.


Double A Media House :
Post Production
( Editing . Color Grading . VFX . Di Service . Courses )
( TV Shows & Movies )  Others of Creative House
Direction – Screenwriting -Creation & ideas – cinematography – Acting Courses-Casting for Movies, Series, Shows, Documentary, TVCommercial, Photography Advertising Sessions & photoshoot


The main goal of data visualization is to
communicate information clearly and effectively
through graphical means. And to convey ideas
effectively aesthetic form and functionality need
to go hand in hand.We add depth and
Animation to create  beautiful visuals that tell stories to
educate, inform and inspire.yet we
are open to any other types


Due to the massive increase in
market’s needs and competition,
business needs a more “Creative
Solutions” to attract and retain
customers. We offer “Custom Print &
Online Publishing” services which
provide your company with the
opportunity to reach out to the group of
people that matter most over different
Media Platforms with a personalized
message. From developing a concept,
to design and creation of content,


MMC is a full service, event management agency. We design, manage
and deliver corporate and Government events. Our speciality is creating
innovative and powerful in-person initiatives to achieve the objectives of
our valued clients and their brands.


Go with the print partner who puts you first, making your priorities their priorities. Imagine! was built with one simple premise—putting our customers first every day. Everything we do is geared toward making your life easier, and your marketing campaigns completely stress-free.

3D Design

Does your project have a design, planning or marketing challenge that 3D can solve? If so, then we can help. Whether it is Architectural Visualisation, BIM, 3D Product Design, 3D , 2D Printing or 3D , 2D Graphics , , we will deliver a solution to meet your requirements.


MMC expert and talented digital media team’s mission is to make you ready to rock the digital world and to make your image always bright and genius.

The team is offering a wide set of digital services

  • Social Media Management
  • Social Tracking and Reporting
  • Web Design and Development

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Our Latest Works

Our Work Process



The first stage is the idea of PREPARATION, the idea that you are immersing yourself in the domain.



The second stage is what we call the INCUBATION stage. In incubation this is when all the information that you have gathered in the PREPARATION stage



The third stage is what most of the public think is a classic signal or sign of a creative person, what is called the INSIGHT stage or the insight step.



The final stage is this idea of BUILD. To Finally Create The Final Idea And Deliver It To The Client.

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